Our research lab is located in Room 154 in the basement of the Engineering II building.

Lab Phone: 530-754-4358

Lab Fax: 530-752-1652

EUII entrance
EUII entrance
South entrance to our engineering building. Main entrance to our engineering building.

The lab occupies about 900 sq. ft., including an office section, electronics assembly/repair area, and an experimental research area. A 155 sq. ft. isolated (floating) optical table, built by Newport Corp., provides the work area used for the various experiments. Installed above the optical table is an overhead rack mount shelving system with undershelf lighting which is used to hold the various electronic instruments used in our research. If you would like to take a tour, or want to learn more about the lab and our research, contact Professor Kolner.

Optical table and overhead rack mount shelving system.

Carsten Langrock working on our ultrafast Ti:sapphire laser which is optically pumped by a Diode Pumped Solid State (DPSS) Laser.

One of the low noise 100 MHz RF oscillators that we use in our phase noise measurement research. For more information please look at some of our recently published articles.

Our department, Applied Science, recently moved into the newly built Engineering III building. Although we will be staying in Engineering II, many of the faculty have moved into the new lab and office space.
Engineering III